Required variable "Could not be resolved"


You receive an error message stating "Required Variable "<Sheet.Parameter.Parameter Name>" at position 00 could not be resolved" when attempting to add a parameter to a Naming Rule.


When you add a new parameter to a Naming Rule using the drop down list, Xrev Transmit considers this parameter as "Required" by default.  This error indicates that the sample sheet that is has retrieved from your Revit project has no value for this particular parameter.  You can identify which sheet is causing the issue, by inserting the <Sheet.No> variable and looking at the preview in yellow.

There are a few ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure that this parameter has a value set on all sheets.

  2. Specify the parameter as "Optional", for example:

    <Sheet.Parameters.AEC Projects?>
  3. Specify a "Default Value" to be used when the parameter cannot be resolved (Has no value or doesn't exist in the project).  In the below example NA would be input for each blank value:

    <Sheet.Parameters.AEC Projects=NA>

There is more information on Naming Rules and their advanced options here.

A good way to check which sheet is being used for the testing of the naming rule is to add the <Sheet.Number> field into the naming rule temporarily. Then you can find that Sheet Number and fill the missing values.

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