When using <Autodetect> paper size you receive an error


When printing to PDF or Hard Copy with the "Format" configured to use the <Autodetect> Paper Size, you receive an error "Unable to determine suitable Paper Size for Sheet".


In order to utilise the Autodetect paper size option, a few things have to align.  Xrev Transmit reads the built in parameters for each Revit sheet's titleblock which are "Sheet Width" and "Sheet Height".  It then uses this information to match up with 2 settings:

  1. It checks to see if there is a matching paper size (within a 2mm or 5/64 inch tolerance) in Xrev Transmit's Settings→General→Paper Size
  2. Then for the given printer, it then checks the available Form Sizes to see if there is a matching one.

As such. if there is no match in either or both of these locations then the Print will fail.

There are a few ways to resolve this issue:

  1. If your titleblock is the incorrect dimensions, then correct your Titleblock Family by editing it in the Family Editor to correctly match the true paper size
  2. Add the desired Paper Size to Xrev Transmit's Settings by select New... and giving it a name, code, and its dimensions.
  3. Add the custom Paper Size to your PC.  To do this, follow the below steps:

Adding a Custom Paper Size for Printing in Windows 10

  1. Open Device and Printers from the Control Panel
  2. From the Top menu select Print server properties
  3. On the Forms tab, select Change Form Settings (requires administrator privileges)
  4. Now Select Create a new form; enter a name and select the attributes, then click OK


    These should be entered in Portrait orientation

  5. This custom paper size should now be available in your Printing Preferences for the desired printer.

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