Support Policy

Xrev is committed to developing quality and robust software. Our team takes great pride in our software and endeavours to respond and resolve customer support requests in a timely manner.

Contact Method

Xrev is an online software business and support is provided through email only. If support is required please email

Business Hours

Xrev is based in Brisbane, Australia and as such operates on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Our normal business hours are 8:30am to 17:30pm Monday to Friday and does not operate on Public Holidays.


Whilst we may respond to support requests outside these hours, those are exceptions and are not part of our agreed support service levels.

Support Service Levels



Response Time



Response Time

1. Critical - System Down

The software is not functioning

3 Business Hours

2. Partly Down

Part of the software is not functioning

8 Business Hours

3. Important

The software is functioning but assistance is required to have it be usable across the organisation

16 Business Hours

4. Minor

The software is functioning and assistance is required to optimise it for use in the organisation

24 Business Hours

Xrev provides an extensive online Support Wiki and users should consult this before contacting our support team via email.

95% of Xrev’s support requests are resolved within an hour with an email response and a link to the appropriate page of the Support Wiki.

The Xrev team is known for its excellent support. We typically have ZERO outstanding support requests and our software is extremely reliable with resolutions very rarely requiring updates to the software itself.