Updating Xrev Transmit when a new version comes out couldn’t be simpler.  Simply download the installer from the website (the trial and full version installer are the exact same file).  Run the installer with Administrator privileges, follow the prompts and your Xrev Transmit will be updated to the current version in a matter of seconds.


If you are using a shared database, ensure you update all workstations at the same time! If the database is a different version to the installed version trying to read the database you may experience errors.

If you experience any issues updating Xrev Transmit please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

If you have removed an older version first and then installed a new version of Xrev Transmit, and are using a centralised Database:

In this case, your database will most likely need to be upgraded to work with the new version of the software.  This can be done, by first ensuring that your config file is pointed at the correct database.  Then use the Windows "Run" command (Use Windows Search, and Search for "Run") to run the database update as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Xrev Transmit\XrevTransmit.exe" InstallDB

If this fails at all, it may be a result of your database file path being set using a Mapped Drive.  For any location on a network you can navigate to a file either using a Mapped drive (typically setup by IT for convenience), or by browsing to the file using the Server name.  Mapped drives don't work in Administrator mode.

Mapped Drive Example:

R:\Revit Library\XrevTransmit.sdf

UNC Example:

\\SERVER\DATA\Revit\Revit Library\XrevTransmit.sdf

Batch Updating Settings after already installing without updating the software

If you have already deployed the software then sometimes you would like to be able to run a batch script to update all your workstations.  Most of the deployment commands can be run using the following command lines:

"C:\Program Files\Xrev Transmit\XrevTransmit.exe" SERIAL=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-X

Would update the serial number and activate the software.  Run this as an Administrator to activate for "All Users" on this machine.

"C:\Program Files\Xrev Transmit\XrevTransmit.exe" DATAFILEPATH="\\SERVER\Xrev Transmit\XrevTransmit.sdf"

Would update the Database location on the given machine.

Would disable the Settings & Manage Transmittal buttons on a given machine.

Updating to support the latest version of Revit

If you install the latest version of Revit, after you have already installed Xrev Transmit, then even if the version of Xrev Transmit you have installed supports that version of Revit, it's not going to show up in the ribbon because the "Addin manifest" file will not be installed for that version.

If you already have the latest/supported version of Xrev Transmit for the version of Revit you wish to use it on.

Simply re-run the installer and choose the "Repair" option.  You will not lose any of your settings.  This simply allows the installer to detect the latest version of Revit and install the addin manifest file.

If you are not running the latest/supported version of Xrev Transmit for the version of Revit you wish to use it on.

Download the latest version of the installer from the downloads page of our website (you must be logged into access the downloads page), or from the Autodesk App Store.  Then simply run the latest installer.  In some rare cases the software is unable to detect some installations of Revit, in this case ensure you right click on the installer and choose "run as administrator" (MSI version only), this allows the Autodesk component we use to tell use what version of Revit you have installed to check installations for all users.