Licensing & Subscriptions

License Types

There are two license types available for Xrev Transmit.

Standalone Licenses are locked to workstations

Site / Enterprise Licenses allow site or enterprise wide deployment


Every Xrev Transmit license includes a 12 month subscription from the date of purchase.

A subscription entitles the subscriber to use Xrev Transmit during the subscription period, and to receive all major updates to Xrev Transmit that are released during this period.

Subscriptions can be renewed at any time prior to expiration, and within a short period after expiration.  Xrev Transmit cannot be used with an expired subscription.

Aligning Subscriptions

Purchases made at different times will result in multiple subscriptions that end on different dates.  Please contact our sales team for assistance with aligning subscription dates.

Perpetual vs Expiring Licenses

Xrev Transmit has previously been available under a perpetual licensing model, allowing perpetual use of both the initially purchased version as well as any updates that were released within the subscription period (which usually included support for at least one new major version of Revit).  Additionally, beyond the subscription period, users could still receive significant updates to functionality as long as they didn't need to use the latest version of Revit.

As of April 2016, Xrev Transmit has changed to an expiring license model where the product requires a valid subscription in order to function.  There are several important reasons for this change, including anticipated and planned changes to the way that updates will be delivered for Xrev Transmit and related products.  We believe this model is more sustainable in the long term and will allow us to continue to improve the product while maintaining it's affordability and outstanding return on investment.