Post Processing Command

In order to allow maximum flexibility for advanced Xrev Transmit users, we have implemented an option where you can run your own batch file (.bat), or executable (.exe) after Xrev Transmit has completed its tasks.  Simply browse for the file you wish to run on the created files.

Examples of potential uses include:

  • A command that deletes the PCP files and/or image files generated by Revit for DWG files,

  • A command that starts AutoCAD and runs a script on your DWG files to ensure they meet your office AutoCAD requirements,

  • A command that copies certain files into other locations, such as an FTP or Document Management System.

  • A command that maintains a "Current Issue" folder and supersedes old revisions into a separate folder.

  • A command that substitutes illegal characters

  • A command that Truncates parameter values

Samples are installed by default in the install directory:

1 C:\Program Files\Xrev Transmit\Samples

If you open any of these files with Notepad there are instructions on what Arguments are required for them to function correctly.

The Program option allows you to specify the command to run.

The Arguments option allows you to specify what information is sent to the program from Xrev Transmit.  Only those options in the  drop down are currently available.

Contact our support team if you require assistance with creating similar commands.