Transmit is not showing in all installed versions of Revit


After installing Xrev Transmit, I run Autodesk Revit but the application does not show in the ribbon.


There are 3 reasons the application might not be visible in your installed version after running the installer.

  1. The application was installed before that version of Revit was installed. In which case, re-run the installer to have it detect the new version of Revit.

  2. The installer does not support that version of Revit. You will need to download the latest copy of the installer from our website that supports the version of Revit you require and update the software and detect the newer version of Revit.

  3. When Autodesk Revit was installed it was not correctly registered with the Autodesk Application our software uses that tells our installer what versions of Revit are installed. You could try the following:

    1. Run the Xrev Transmit installer logged in as an Administrator,

    2. Try a repair of the Autodesk Revit installation to have it correctly register

    3. Try re-installing Autodesk Revit to have it correctly register

    4. Contact us and advise the version of Xrev Transmit you are using and the version of Revit you are trying to install. We can then manually provide you with the “Addin Manifest” file (XrevTransmit.addin - which is what tells Revit the plugin exists), and locate it in the appropriate location as outlined below.