Installation Failures


You receive an error message stating "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor".


This error message isn't very clear as to what the actual cause is.  It simply stating that something went wrong.  During the installation take note of what was the last "step"  displayed during the installation before the error message.  Most installation failures are caused by issues with checking/updating the database on a system where the database has been relocated to a network share, such as in a multi-user setup.  This is the last step of the installation before it completes.  If this is where its failing there are number of potential causes and solutions:

  1. If you have a shared database XrevTransmit.sdf file and another user is access/writing to the database when the installer does its check.

    1. In this case, ensure no one else is running Xrev Transmit when attempting to do the installation.

  2. If you have a shared database Xrev Transmit.sdf file and you have specified the database location in your config file using a mapped drive.  The installer runs with elevated privileges and as such mapped drives are unavailable.

    1. Modify your config file to set the DataFilePath using a UNC path instead.  A UNC path is \\SERVER\Folder as opposed to a mapped drive F:\  Detailed instructions can be found here under "Sharing your settings manually".  Contact your software administrator if you are unfamiliar with UNC paths or do not have adequate permissions to edit the config file.

  3. If you have a shared database XrevTransmit.sdf file, ensure you have full read/write access to the database file.  (if its currently working and this is an upgrade then this shouldn't be the issue.

  4. If none of the above solve the issue, you can temporarily set the existing installation to use a local XrevTransmit.sdf file by resetting the DataFilePath to the default location as outlined here.  Then running the installer, and after its successfully completed, manually upgrade the database as outlined here.

If the install failure is not caused by the database upgrade step, then it could be failing due to 

  1. A corrupt download of the installer.

    1. Try re-downloading the latest installer from the Xrev Website.

  2. The user account that's running the installer doesn't have full read/write privileges to the temp direction (which you can browse to by type %TEMP% into the address bar in Windows File Explorer).

If you still experience issues you should contact our support team and provide the application log files as outlined here. It may also be necessary to generate an installation log file, as outlined here.