Transmittal - Grouping Document Lists into Drawing Series

It is possible to group your documents/sheets on the transmittal document into series with their own headers.  EG: if you want to first list Plans, then Elevations, then Sections etc.  In this tutorial we'll use the Xrev Default Matrix Transmittal as a basis and modify it so each drawing series groups into its own section.

Creating a New Transmittal

  1. Begin by selecting Change... in the Xrev Transmit→Settings→General→Transmittal Settings→Template

  2. Select the Template you wish to edit and choose Edit...

  3. This opens up the Report Designer.

  4. Collapse all the Bands except the SheetsDetailReportBand as this is what we'll be working with:

  5. Essentially we need to duplicate this entire Report Band for each Drawing Series we want to use.  Unfortunately the Report Designer doesn't allow you to easily duplicate a band.  Instead we must create a new Detail Report and copy the content into it.  In the Top Right Corner, Right Click on the MatrixTransmittalReport and select Insert Detail Report, bound to "Documents".

  6. If you'd like each of these to have their owner header, Right Click on the band in the Report and choose Insert Band→GroupHeader.  It should now look like below:

  7. Select all the content from the SheetsListTableHeader and Copy it (Ctrl+C) and Paste it (Ctrl+V) into the GroupHeader1.  Then do the same for the SheetListBody to the Detail.  Then update the height of each band to match the original band.  Once you have completed it should look like this.  NOTE: If any formatting has been applied and thus inherited from the Report or the Bands, you may need to manually re-add this to the new band or report.

  8. Modify the formatting of the GroupHeader to display how you want this Series Header to appear:

  9. Select the New DetailReport and select the Menu Flyout and select the ... next to Filter String to open the Editor:

  10. Set your Filter String as appropriate for this particular Series and Select OK:

  11. With the DetailReport still selected edit its Property Grid to set the "Print when Data Source is Empty" to No, should you want it to leave sections out that don't contain any documents.

  12. Repeat steps 5-11 for each "Drawing Series" you'd like to have, ensuring each Report is filtered appropriately.  You may also wish to name each report based upon the document series its filtering.