Failed to create temporary print setting


You receive an error message stating "Failed to create temporary print setting".


When printing, Xrev Transmit creates a Print Setup (similar to what you see is the Revit Printer Settings in the User Interface).  This Print Setup is created for each Sheet to be printed and deleted once the print has successfully completed.  It contains all the settings such as Paper Size, Quality, Printer etc.

It seems that Revit's printing API is rather fragile and we've made lots of changes over the years to workaround this issue. The intermittent nature of this issue makes it very difficult for us to resolve completely and it does seem to occur more for some users than others which suggests that there's an environmental factor at play (i.e. something to do with the machine, printers, or the project / sheets).

Typically, using the "Repeat Errors" command will work on subsequent attempts.

Permanent solutions could include:

  • Removing Old, unused Printers and their related Printer Drivers from the System
  • Upgrading Printer Drivers to their latest versions
  • On Workshared Files, making editable the Printer Settings Workset prior to printing (in case its due to a borrowing conflict possibly from a slow internet connection)

If you do experience the issue and any of the above or something else resolves the issue, please let us know.

We hope with a future release we will be able to permanently resolve this issue.

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