Unable to confirm print job completion


You receive an error message stating "Unable to confirm print job completion".


Here at Xrev we try and support a number of PDF Printers, sometimes new releases of PDF Printer drivers can break our integration.  This is because most PDF Printer companies do not have a documented API that we can integrate our software with.  As such, trying to support these printers often relies on assumptions about how things work with that printer.  EG: It saves print settings in a particular folder or registry entry.   The actual error basically is saying, the system we use to check whether the job has finished didn't work, so we don't know if it failed or successful...  This is why it can sometimes take a long time, as the system has to time out before it gives up waiting and moves onto the next job.

So Xrev can offer a reliable and quality solution we have a a commercial redistribution for BioPDF, which is one of the few PDF Printers on the market with a proper API.  If you are experiencing this issue with the latest version of BioPDF please let us know!  If you are experiencing the issue with BioPDF, check to ensure you are running the latest version from their website:


  1. If you are using a remote desktop connection, there is an option in the connection settings to "use local printers", you need to ensure this is NOT selected.

  2. Another issue is if you have a trailing whitespace character in your output location settings. Make sure you don't accidentally have a "space" at the end.

    Output=C:\Users\cprice\Documents\X-rev output \0000-DO-00-01.pdf

    This whitespace character will be cleared by Windows, but Xrev will still be looking in this location, as such it won't be able to find the files.

  3. Another cause is the TEMP or TMP environment variables on the PC are set to a non-standard path. You can see what these environment variables are set to by opening a command prompt (Start / Windows button > type "cmd" and hit enter) and then type "set t" and hit enter.

    In the other cases, these were set to D:\Temp and changing these environment variables back to the defaults (%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp) resolved the issue.

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