Transmittal not showing all sheets


The transmittal seems to drop some sheets and display others as I issue sheets from different Revit files for the same project.


Xrev Transmit tracks sheets using their Global Unique Identifier (GUID). When we first built the software, our understanding was that the GUID of the sheet would always be unique. However, we have later discovered that between Revit projects the GUID can be the same. It is only unique within the same project.

When you preload your Revit Template with sheets and start a new project with that template the sheets have the same GUID’s as the original template. Likewise if you use one project and do a “save as” for a new project, the GUID’s are not refreshed.

Essentially this means if you have more than one Revit project file for the same project number, the sheets in each of the files have the same GUID and therefore Xrev Transmit thinks they are one and the same and tracks them all as a single entity. As such, you will see in your transmittal a constant flip between the history of one version of the sheet and the other.

The fix (for the moment) is we need to give those sheets a unique GUID. To do that, the only way currently is to recreate the sheet and move the content to the new sheet. New versions make duplicating a sheet and moving the content a lot easier, but for older releases this can be a little tedious.

In our next major release of Transmit, version 4.x we have made the method for tracking the sheets based upon a user defined “Document Number” which could be built from multiple parameters or simply be the Sheet Number.

We apologise for the inconvenience for the moment.