Aconex Upload Failures


You receive an error message:
"Error publishing file to Aconex - The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error".


Review your Aconex "Document Number Rule" for the Formats you are wanting to Publish.

  1. Select Add-Ins > Xrev Transmit > Settings button,

  2. Select the Formats tab on the left,

  3. Select the Profile containing the Formats you are using to Publish to Aconex,

  4. Select Modify... on the right,

  5. Select the Modify button, next to the Format you are using to open the format for editing,

  6. In the Aconex Settings section ensure you do not have any illegal characters in your "Document Numbering Rule"


Illegal Characters include []"


Unlike the Bulk Upload feature of Aconex, it is not recommended to include the Revision in the Aconex Document Numbering Rule.  This should typically just be the Revit Sheet Number, Project Number or Format a combination of them.  If you Sheet Number is comprised of a number of Revit Shared Parameters you may also choose to use them.