Activation Failures


When activating a license in Xrev Transmit, it must communicate over the internet to our license server.  In some environments this fails due to networking infrastructure and configuration (i.e. firewalls and proxy servers).  It can also fail due to an invalid or superseded Serial Number "Invalid License - The License is not valid".  You may receive an error message saying "Invalid Serial - The specified value is not a valid serial number".

Check with your IT team to ensure that there is nothing blocking internet traffic to our license server (


The specified value is not a valid serial number

When using Copy/Paste from the email containing your serial number, sometimes it can have an extra whitespace character included in the copy.  This extra character makes the licensing dialog think the serial is invalid.  Ensure you don't have any extra characters when copying the serial.

Invalid License

Each year, when you renew your subscription, you are issued with a new serial number that supersedes all previous serial numbers. The old serial number is deactivated, meaning it can no longer be used for further activations.  As such, ensure you are using the most recent serial number supplied to you (which are always sent to the Account holder's email address).

This error can also be caused by reaching your activation limit.  That is the software has been activated on more machines than you have licenses for.  You may need to purchase additional licenses or review your license usage so Xrev can clear any machines from our license server that aren't actually active.

Temporarily disabling proxy settings

Temporarily disabling the proxy settings in Internet Options (Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings) may allow the license activation to complete, and you can then restore the proxy settings to their previous value.

Offline Activation

If activation over the internet is still not working then an offline license activation can be performed using the following steps.

1. Open the License Details dialog

If the licensing dialog does not appear automatically then in Revit click on Settings on the Xrev Transmit panel on the ribbon, then click on Help, then Licensing.

2. Open the Offline License Activation dialog

On the License Details dialog, click the  button.

3. Email Support

The Offline License Activation dialog should now be displayed.

Copy the Machine Code and paste it into an email to

4. Validate License Code

Upon receiving the above email, we will perform an Offline License Activation on our license server and email back a License Code that corresponds to the provided Serial Number and Machine Code.

Copy and paste this License Code into the Offline License Activation window and click the  button to complete the activation.